Admins in Stranded on Earth have special powers and the ability to kick, ban, and reset cash. The abusing of admin will get your admin taken away.

Admins are essentially the SWAT team, compared to their cousin rank, Enforcer, due to the fact that they are well equipped to take on "high risk" situations.


Anybody who has admin and is not on this list is an exploiter, and you should tell the owner/co-owner about it. Anybody caught adding usernames which are NOT admin will be not only banned from being able to edit data here, but will also be put on the "rude players" list.

Admin List

  • mike3128
  • shaylan007
  • Droideka1
  • theordinarymouse

Rules for Admins

1. Admins may use necessary force to stop an action. The following scenarios are allowable:

  • If someone does not stop doing an action when asked, a ;trip or a ;punish could be in order.
  • If someone goes out of their way to block off sections of the map repeatedly, they may be ;kicked
  • If a player uses explosives to kill another player, a :kick will be flying at them.
  • Any Non-Legit PoP who has admin commands may be :banned if they are abusing it, but a :kick and a documentation of the name would be better, so other Admins may check it out.

2. Admins should not give out commands to any non-legit PoP, and doing so may result in a frowny face from robonack.

3. Please refrain from giving out large sums of cash to random users who ask for it.

  • The CMs agreed that $20K is the preferred maximum amount of cash that can be given to a player, but slight variations to this number are allowed. (Examples: $30K, $40K, $50K MAXIMUM.)

4. If any Wiki Editors require cash / a weapon in order to update a Wikia page, please give them the required cash or weapon.

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