Are you new to the game, and have no idea what gun you should buy? Well then YOU'RE A NOOB! But it's this wiki's job to make you not a noob. Here is a brief introduction to Armors .

What are Armors?

Armors are a category of items that help you to survive. They are purchasable from the shop under the 'Armors' section.

Armors don't harm zombies or make you a fort- well, actually, they kinda do make you a fort, but for an entirely different reason than Buildables.

Instead, armors provide protection and reduce incoming damage.

Armors typically have two stats- a protection stat and a defense stat.

  • The protection stat is how much damage the armor can take before breaking.
  • The defense stat is how much damage the armor reduces.

Advanced Armor Trivia

  • Armors reduce how high you jump, and increase the speed that you do. This is likely due to the weight that armors add to your character.
  • There's a cool animation that plays when you equip an armor.
  • Equipping one armor when you are currently wearing another one overwrites the old armor with the new one. The old armor goes *poof*

How do I use these?

Armors are used to help provide protection. Buy it, use it, forget about it. They will keep you protected for as long as you are alive, or until they break.

If you're trying to do some parkour for whatever mad reason, well, reset. Remember, once you put an armor on, you can't take it off unless you die, or it breaks.

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