One of the most essential parts of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world is having a well-fortified place to call home. However, out in the wastes, some may find it a bit difficult, so here is a guide about how to build an effective base.

Optimal Locations

There are several places on the map for great bases that have their own benefits;

  1. Farmer Time's Mart - Due to the very few entry points and functioning lights, it's a popular choice for new players.
  2. Vector Cave - Due to the only entry point being functioning sliding doors, it is the most easily fortified in the game, but requires a generator and some lights to see well inside. It also contains a Pack A Punch machine.
  3. Mansion - It has many entry points, but is rather open indoors and is fairly easy to fortify, as well as having both a Pack A Punch machine and a Mystery Box.
  4. Fort Lazarius - There are a few easily blocked entry points in the very tall walls, however nets will be needed along where zombies often climb up.
  5. Mineshaft - While the outdoor outpost portion isn't very easily fortified, the cave system within the mountain connected to it is what holds high value due to it's single entry point, and the fact that it contains a perk machine.

Essential Building Items

  1. Generators - Required to power Spotlights and Floodlights, which are necessary to provide light.
  2. Large Ammo Box - A necessity to keeping you well-armed.
  3. High Walls, Windows - Perfect for increasing base defenses a fair bit, as the higher the walls, the harder it is for zombies to breach your home. Windows provide sight outside, and give you view of your enemies.
  4. Traps - Traps can either trip zombies, or damage them, which makes them an excellent addition to any base.
  5. Ramps, Ladders - Necessary for building upper levels of bases.


  • Building bases designed to kill zombies through traps are illegal on zombie spawn points, as it takes the spawns away from other players. It's cheating, and it's not cool.
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