• BarakkuOni

    • M92FS (Standard pistol instead of P226, as nobody should start out with a flashlight attachment :>)
    • Flashlight (Nobody should start out with a flashlight on their gun, that's kind of dumb and too easy)
    • Knife? (Only necessary if there will actually be a stealth system, as gun fire will attract zombies, but melee weapon attacks won't.)

    • Constant storm cloud above the island that stirs up the sea, making it impossible to escape the island >:)
    • A mostly abandoned town with 2 story houses, a mansion, some 1 story homes, and a mall.
    • Lamp posts throughout the map that light up a small radius of area beneath them when the generators are active.
    • The research lab where Patient Zero was created
    • A secret bunker that has to be found to access the keypad to get …

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  • BarakkuOni

    regularweaponname - packapunchname - attachments/modifications

    AK-47 Grenade Launcher - Devil's Automatic MK2 - Reflex sight, burning ammunition, flashlight

    AKS-74U - AKS-74ME - Reflex sight, electric ammunition, flashlight

    AN-94 - AN-940A1 - ACOG scope, grip, freezing ammunition

    AR-15 - The Destroyer - EOTech sight, grip, "explosive" ammunition

    AUG A3 - Aegis - Reflex sight, electric ammunition, flashlight

    AWP - 2AWP4U - Bi-Pod, Explosive ammuntion

    BBEagle - Mama Eagle - Reflex sight, silencer, flashlight

    Death Machine - Death's Scythe - Burning ammunition

    Dragunov SVD - Dragon's Breath - Burning ammunition, Bi-Pod, silencer

    F2000 - Sunburst - Burning ammunition, reflex sight (More yellow flames, yellow body)

    FAMAS - FAMOUS - Holographic sight, grip…

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  • BarakkuOni

    • P226 - No changes as it's perfect the way it is.
    • USP - 10 round magazine, slight tweaks.
    • M1911 - Model seems a bit too wide, slight tweaks.
    • Desert Eagle - Slight tweaks.
    • .357 Magnum Revolver - Slight tweaks.
    • Glock 21 - 21 round magazine, major tweaks.
    • M92FS - Slight tweaks.
    • CZ-75 - Rapid fire, new gun

    • M14 - Perfectly fine, maybe slight tweaks if needed.
    • Kar98K - Perfectly fine.
    • Lee Enfield - Perfectly fine.
    • HK417 - Perfectly fine.
    • Ruger Gunsite Scout - New gun
    • Ruger 10/22 - New gun
    • M1 Carbine - Slight tweaks.

    • M500 - Slight tweaks.
    • ===R870 - Perfectly fine.===
    • AA-12 - Perfectly fine.
    • SPAS-12 - Slight tweaks.
    • USAS-12 - New gun
    • Double-Barrel - Perfectly fine.
    • Trench Gun - Perfectly fine.

    • MP5k - Slight tweaks?
    • PP-19 - Slight tweaks
    • IMI Uzi - Slight tweaks
    • MP5 - New gu…

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  • BarakkuOni

    This is my personal blog where I will put my own ideas. Please note that I don't patent or own any idea I write down, as there's no guarantee that all ideas will be original.

    • Remove Shop button on the screen, and make a new location or two for the shop to be accessed. This could add more compatibility for mobile devices, because currently, only PCs can access most of the game content.
    • Remove guns that are obselete, and remove most of the assault rifles. (There should be no more than 10~20 guns per weapon type.)
    • Add 2 new sections: Carbines and DMRs. (Designated Marksman Rifles) Add several weapons for these new weapon types.
    • Add several Canadian-made weapons, as there are currently none at all, just ones that Canada uses commonly. (Examples: L…

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  • Peake900

    NOTICE: Somethings here might have been suggested in an earlier time. You can't get mad at me.

    Alright so... here are my suggestions... Enjoy reading and laughing irl speedy and bara.


    • Ammo: I know what you are thinking "peke wtf we hav ammo boxes"... Ok so the mystery box can admit ammo that is about 1.5x-2x the amount from the box in mansion. This can vary and the more ammo it is, the more rare it gets.
    • Money: Again "peke wtf you have 11k moniz u cant b thinking that money from boxes is good"... So basically the mystery box can admit 100-750 dollars (which is a fair amount so people can't farm mystery box money.) The more money it is, the more rare it gets.
    • Armor: Ok so this might be implemented sooner or later but …

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  • SparklesChap

    Lets get straight to the point.

    If I mess up grammar, thats my fault because I dont try hard on my blogs

    This is a suggestion for the hunger and thirst system (IF its added). You could buy this at the buildables section for around... 100-500 dollars? Who knows. This could also work with the ability to buy food. The food station will allow you to get food from it every time it switiches from day-transition period, transition period - night, night-day. However, you would have to refill it every few days or so. (Because realism).

    ADD ON:

    You could also cook food here. You could turn beef and bread into a burger, for example. Cooked food/meals will give more servings than just normal food items. You could also drop food items and give portions to …

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  • SparklesChap


    November 15, 2015 by SparklesChap
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  • SparklesChap


    November 8, 2015 by SparklesChap

    Im gonna start selling Isometric View pictures. Just post here. They cost... Nothing. I'll give you some neat looking views.

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  • SparklesChap

    I guess....? 

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  • Ebola 2014

    Robit Fanfic

    October 29, 2015 by Ebola 2014

    The Bold Detective
    A Crime Thriller by DerpyChar/Ebola/Charles

    Mangled spots have been turning up all over USA and the inhabitants are scared. Ten murders in ten weeks, all committed with a AK-74U, and still nobody has a clue who the sinister killer is.

    Dr. Robo Egg is a handsome and bold painter with a fondness for food. He doesn't know it yet but he is the only one who can stop the brutal killer.

    When his friend, Peake 900, is kidnapped, Dr. Egg finds himself thrown into the centre of the investigation. His only clue is a tattered M1911.

    He enlists the help of a witty swordsman called Anti Sheep.

    Can Sheep help Egg overcome his roulette addiction and find the answers before the tight-fisted killer and his deadly AK-74U strike again?

    Praise for …

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  • SparklesChap

    Sorry 4 inactiveness

    October 29, 2015 by SparklesChap

    Was so busy. cri. I'll edit like 100 pages i swur

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  • Epikpie

    The 300th Page

    October 27, 2015 by Epikpie

    This page is the 300th page on the wiki. Let's all celebrate with a chant of Sparta! Sparta! Sparta!

    Then I realized that blogs didn't actually add to the page number count.

    • cri cri* *made a worthless blog page* *but is a blog page so it doesn't really matter anyways.*
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  • Ebola 2014


    October 26, 2015 by Ebola 2014

    I was thinking in sk00l one dai and I thought of skins for SoE.

    And Robit will reject this idea along with rainbow,bara, and pie. I just know it.

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  • Epikpie

    Are you always being a lucky zombies' next supper, and in need of a fort that's quick, easy, and cost-efficient to build, yet can last against limitless waves of undead flesh? Well, need no more! Here is a guide to building an impenetrable fortress.


    Canopy - Ammo Box - 2 Sandbags - Floodlight (optional)

    (Assuming you have the minuscule money you need for these things)

    Step 1: Put a sandbag down.

    Step 2: Put a sandbag on the other side of the first sandbag, with the ends touching.

    Step 3: Place the canopy over your sandbags, and the ammo box anywhere you want inside. If you wanted a floodlight, put it anywhere in your base as well.

    (Optional) Step 4: Get a TON of shredders and place them all over at your discretion.

    notes: doe…

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  • Robonack

    I'm stealing Epik's idea and putting down an idea in a blog. Why? Because I can.

    Founded on 22-2-2009, it started out as a small backyard "corporation" dedicated to making scientific instruments - Tesla coils, vacuum chambers, particle colliders and plasma generators. For a while, it had no name. On April 1st, the lead scientist made a remarkable discovery: He had discovered a new "alloy" that had great potential for the world.

    The "alloy" was made from Uranium-238 and Iron-56 that is bound together by forcing a single Carbon atom to act as glue between the Iron and Uranium. This metal is stronger than steel, and has the ability to store massive amounts of energy within the atomic bonds. The scientist who made this discovery coined the term …

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  • Epikpie

    Concepts by pie

    April 10, 2015 by Epikpie

    Basically I'm gonna put random concepts here that I thought up. Mostly events and bosses. these two ideas are insane and illogical.

    • Illuminated- Δ confirmed? No, but with this thingy you glow, higher illumination = more glow. *this idea's insane*
    • >insert something hereconcept B

    Honestly, this should've gone under Armor, but there isn't a subtitling bigger than this font yet smaller than the one above, and I'm too lazy to make a workaround. *note, armor is now a strong, independent never read the sentence before this.

    ANYWAYS! Goggles. Glasses. Whatever. Basically, this concept works a bit like a scope, except you don't actually have to have a gun out to use it. Even though this works like a scope, there isn't actually a pair of t…

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  • AnonymousEditor88

    k so

    April 1, 2015 by AnonymousEditor88

    building stuff at random that speedy may or may not like, all can be found here


    such as

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  • Superwar55

    Pizza C-4s(Yup I'm bored)

    November 24, 2014 by Superwar55

    If a C-4 is gridded then it has 9 squares on it, C-4 is typed with 3 characters, 3+9 = 12, what has 12 letters? A mailbox. Who takes stuff out a mailbox? The mailman. Who barks at mailmen? Dogs. What were dogs originally? Wolves. Wolves has 6 letters and 12+6 is 18. Divide 18 by 3. 6. Divide 6 by 3 again. 2. What has 2 letters? By. What does by sound like? Bye. What's the opposite of bye? Hello. Who made a song like that? Adele. And Adele has 5 letters. What else has 5 letters? Super. Whose name has super in it? Superwar55. How much cash does he wish to have 100% of the time? 696969. What's 696969 divided by 69? 10101. What's that from binary? 21. What me​me has 21 involved? A vine. What's a vine? A grapevine. Grapevines have grapes. Grape…

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  • WikiaMaster123

    Always at half health? This Easy Build will come in handy for regenerating health. Here is a guide to building a medical tent.


    Canopy - Ammo Box - Crate (Optional) - 3 High Wall - Doorway - Bed - Carpet (Optional) - Ladder - Floodlight

    (Assuming you have the money for these things.)

    STEP 1: Make a house out of the doorway and three walls, then place the canopy down to make a roof.

    STEP 2: Put a bed sideways in the tent with a floodlight and carpet (Optional).

    STEP 3: Put a ladder on the outside of the tent, and place an ammo box and crate (Optional) on the roof of the tent.

    Next Easy-Builds: Defense Line, Basic Base.

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  • WikiaMaster123

    So you like sniping zombies from a distance? I think this technique will be handy. Here is a guide to build a sniper tower.


    3 Canopy - 2 Spotlight - 3 Barbed Wire - Ammo Box - Crate (Optional) - 5 High Wall - Doorway

    (Assuming you have the money for these things.)

    STEP 1: Place a spotlight where you want your sniper tower. Then place barbed wire around the front and sides of the spotlight. Now put a canopy above the spotlight, but be sure the canopy is touching the ground!

    STEP 2: Now, on the roof of the canopy, put three high walls on the front and side so it is shaped like an 'n'. After you place the walls, put a crate (Optional) and an ammo box on the canopy. Then place another canopy on the canopy already there.

    STEP 3: On …

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  • JackzFTW

    Hitmarkers and points?

    June 20, 2014 by JackzFTW

    Well I've been playing alot and noticed one thing the cash goes up very slow, although this provides a challenge I find it very hard to Pack a Punch weapons. I also hate when my guns go away but thats ok with me but replacing them is hard because you don't get much points, But, you probably didn't click this to see me rant. I have a discussion topic, that might make the game more enjoyable. (Not thats its not enjoyable by itself) I think when we hit a zombie/enemy we get a hitmarker to come up, but you may be asking, where does points come up in this? Well, every time you get a hitmarker you get an amount of points, meaning we can get points faster so we feel like were achieving something. We should really fix the bullet glitch when the bu…

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  • JackzFTW

    What do you think we should Pack a Punch next? More likely what should we call them? I got a few suggestions. These are only names.

    PTRS-41 becomes Scavenger

    Thundergun becomes Zeus Cannon

    Dubstep Gun becomes Wub Machine

    P226 becomes Piercer 2026

    Minigun becomes Destroyer of worlds

    MP5K becomes MP500 Killer

    P90 becomes Lightning strike (because it shoots fast.)

    Scorpion EVO becomes Everlasting Versatile Overpower

    Ar-15 becomes Agonizing Revenge-1500

    SMR becomes Burst of the gods

    Thompson becomes Mafia's murderer

    Stoner63A becomes Boulder630A

    RPD becomes Rapid Puncsuring Device

    Kar98K becomes Devil's rifle

    JackzFTW (talk) 02:22, June 20, 2014 (UTC)

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