Have you ever thought that it was really difficult to save up a lot of cash? Well, this guide could be just what you need.


Cash is a major driving force in Stranded On Earth, as it's required for:

  • Building a base by purchasing buildables
  • Buying weapons from the shop
  • Upgrading weapons with the Pack A Punch machines
  • Purchasing perks

Effective Ways To Make Cash

Horde Farming:

  • The most common and effective way to earn cash is to gather up a horde, and then using a weapon with high AoE such as the RPG-7 or M202 FLASH to take them all out at once.


  • Hunting is the most basic form of making cash. Unlike farming hordes, hunting is farming cash by roaming the map and killing every zombie you see on sight with any weapon.

Maintain Your Wealth

After you've earned a fair bit of cash, it's important to know how to maintain it.

Sell Your Items:

  • Using the Discard A Weapon GUI, you can sell the items in your inventory for a fair amount of cash. It's best to do this when you plan to leave a server.

Stick To One Weapon:

  • Find the weapon that works the best for your playstyle and stick with it. The more you spend on weapons, the harder it becomes to maintain your wealth.


  • Begging an administrator for cash is not a great idea, as pestering administrators too much when they ask you to stop asking for things may result in a very short temporary ban.
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