General Information

Community Managers are very high ranking members of the staff who are primarily set towards community-related jobs that demand frequent management, which is the reasoning for their title.

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Community Managers have the following jobs:

1. Managing the community and keeping it in check in a diplomatic manner

2. Recording suggestions and bug reports found by the community

3. Appointing new Wikia Editors to help manage the wikia

4. Making, removing, or changing the rules of the game and community


Community Manager is the highest obtainable rank, and as such, it is nearly impossible for anyone to just become a Community Manager unless they've earned it. Needless to say, they are the second most powerful rank, just behind the Creator rank, as well as the Co-Creator rank, which are both generally equal.

As with Administrator power, asking for Community Manager is an easy way to revoke your chances of ever becoming one, especially since it's a rank reserved for the most respected and trustworthy of the staff.

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Active Community Managers


  • They have the ability to use administrator commands, but they are necessarily used for the same reasons; due to their community oriented jobs, the commands are only existent in the rank in case the need arises.
  • Being in the presence of a Community Manager is akin to being invited to one of the most extravagant parties in the history of the world, and it's a constant party whilst they're around.