General Information

Damage Effects are special effects that have a side effect on the target you're attacking. The effect depends on the weapon that you're using, as not all weapons have an effect. An example of an effect would be Damage Over Time (DOT), where a target sustains bonus damage over a set period of time. For example, the target would lose 5 HP per second as a result of the effect.

List of Effects

Flame Damage (DoT)

Flame Damage slowly burns the target until the effect wears off or the target dies off.

Some weapons that have flame damage include (but are not limited to):

Some weapons have differently colored flames, such as the Shadowfire STORM (purple fire). However, it is not known if these differently colored flames damage more or less than normally colored flames. Other weapons that have differently colored flames:

Explosion (AoE)

Explosion damage inflicts damage across a wide area. Scaled to distance away from the area of impact.

Usually will instantly kill the one it directly hit due to the massive damage inflicted.

Some weapons that have explosion damage include (but are not limited to):

Lasting Area of Effect (AoE + DoT)

The lasting area of effect is an area of effect where something is done to any zombies that step into it. There are many types of lasting areas of effect.


Looks like a fire. Any zombies that step into this are tripped and set on fire.

Some weapons that cause flame damage are:

Unique Lasting AoE

The majority of other types of lasting areas of effect are unique to a single weapon. They are listed below:

Poison Damage (DoT)

Poison Damage slowly drains the target's health until it wears off or the target dies.

Some weapons that have poison damage include (but are not limited to):


Freezing freezes the target so that it cannot move for a set duration- however, it doesn't actually do damage to the frozen target.

There is only one known publicly available weapon with the freezing effect, which is the CBJA7908.

Unique Effects

Some weapons have effects that are solely their own (and maybe their PaP too). An example of this is the meteors that are thrown out by the M202 FLASH (and its respective PaP). Note: the CBJA7908 is not part of this because there may or may not be other weapons with freezing effects.

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