Third-person view of Death's Flames

'Death's Flames' is the Pack-a-Punched version of Hades' Touch , a personal flamethrower. Many additions have been added to the flamethrower.



  • Huge magazine
  • Ammunition self replenishes
  • How fast you click is how fast


  • Still prone to burning yourself
  • Somewhat laggy

First-Person view of Death's Flames

How do I get it?

  1. Buy a Hades' Touch with 1600$
  2. Go to one of the few Pack-a-Punch machines in the map
  3. Spend 2500$ to Pack-a-Punch, typing in 'Hades' Touch' WITH all apostrophes.
  4. Find your Death's Flames in your inventory, it will take three to five second to fling out.
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