What the menu looks like

The Discard Weapon function, shown as the "Discard a weapon!" button, allows users to return guns they no longer want in exchange for cash.

The other, arguably more important, button related to this is the Shop.


When discarding a weapon, the menu will only refund you a small portion of the price of the weapon.

All guns that are not bought from the shop (excluding free guns) will give you 0$ cash. This is so you can't spam it and get virtually infinite cash.

The button in relation to the Shop


  • It's rumored that you can glitch guns to sell for more than what they're worth. This can also be abused through a form of exploiting.
  • Before the GUI Overhaul Update, the Discard menu would only refund 5 cash per item, and items had to have their names typed out entirely for the weapon to be discarded.
  • The P226 and MK2 Grenade cannot be refunded.
  • If a weapon is on sale, the discard price is lower.
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