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The Flaregun is a weapon in Stranded On Earth: The First Strike. 

Main features


The Flaregun is a very good starter gun, as it only costs 20 cash.

Shoots a flare that can lead other people to your position

It is found in the "light sources" section of the shop. The flare itself glows red, and leaves behind red shell ejection.

It holds up to 25 shots (one in the barrel, 24 extra)

Just don't spam it, as the flames may cause lag.

Pros and Cons


  • It is very cheap.
  • A while after it hits the floor, it bursts into a flame.
  • You can Pack a punch this weapon into the Scatterflame.
  • It holds a reasonable amount of ammo (24 shots)
  • Flare bounces and then explodes, so you can use this like a grenade.
  • It's good for new players/players with low cash.
  • Once mastered, it is very deadly.
  • Trips zombies that are shot with its flares.


  • Slow reload
  • It can hurt yourself.
  • The noise is quite loud and quite annoying.
  • The flares can not be seen well during crimson night until they explode.
  • Very hard to aim at zombies at close range, because the flare bounces away.