General Information

Gondwana was an Administrator, as well as one of the primary developers of Stranded On Earth: The First Strike. While currently serving as an Administrator, she is set to be the next official Co-Creator due to her unwavering importance to the future of the game.

After a long, and unexpected hiatus, she returned on April 25th, 2016 to resume her work in improving the game. Her creations have had a phenomenal effect on the game, as many of those creations helped shape it's future. However, she would prefer if players didn't distract her from her objectives whilst in the game.

Unfortunately, due to a massive outcry in the community Discord, she chose to leave the community for a while, and instead went on to work on her upcoming project known as Hivemind. However, on 05/07/18 she has decided to return though with fears that they may lash out at her once more.


  • GES-BioRifle (Will be overhauled in the future)
  • (Future Bio Rifle PaP) Blood Cannon
  • Golden Bio Rifle
  • 'Horrid Omelette' Easter Egg
  • (Future addition) Nightmare Omelette - a rare variation of Horrid Omelette
  • With good eyesight, a transparent Mask of Patient Zero
  • Patient Zero Statue (Custom buildable, until the Beacon is implemented)
  • Crimson Shrine (Will soon replace old Patient Zero Statue)
  • Crimson Spawn's hats (Necroa Cloak, Necris Blademaiden Hair)
  • Other future additions found in the trello

Crimson Shrine (New PZ Statue)

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