The M1 Carbine is purchasable through the "Rifles" section for 275$. When you obtain the weapon as a tool it will say "M1a1 Carbine." Edited on 11/11/2014

The M1 Carbine in action

  • 3 shots to the chest to kill a zombie.
  • 10 shots in a clip.
  • 2 seconds to reload, almost 3 seconds for an emptied out clip.
  • Short melee range.
  • Even though it has iron sights, able to zoom in farther.
  • Receives 300 from a regular brown ammo box, 600 from a medium green ammo box, and 900 from a large red ammo box.
  • Moderate fire rate.
  • Iron sights are a bit derpy, but they're usable.

Pros & Cons


  • Great fire rate for a rifle
  • Has a UNGODLY amount of ammo, meaning no consistent ammo box visits
  • In-depth zoom in


  • Only able to kill 3 zombies in each clip, with careful shots
  • Unreliable melee range
  • Penalty for emptying out a clip and reloading
  • Efficient gun only for the people who can continously shoot the chest

(Written by LeisureLecturer)