The M202 FLASH is an "other" weapon you can purchase from the VIP Shop for 850 cash.


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  • The M202 Flash has very good hip fire and ADS accuracy
  • With a direct hit it will most of the time instantly kill a normal zombie
  • It deals decent splash damage over a medium/large sized explosion
  • The splash damage not only deals damage but sets zombies on fire
  • Hurls about 4 fireballs in random directions that all set zombies on fire
  • Has 12 reserve ammo
  • Fire rate is nearly semi-automatic
  • Reload time is based off of how many rounds fired- reload time = rounds fired * seconds + 1 second

Best way to use the M202 Flash

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  • You NEVER want to fire the M202 Flash off in close combat. It will kill you 90% of the time. The M202 Flash is STRICTLY medium to long range combat, making it excellent at BD (Base Defense) and LRC (Long Range Combat) On the bright side, it's still a better rate of survival than its PaP...

Pros & Cons


  • Has a medium-large explosion size
  • Deals splash damage
  • Splash damage sets zombies on fire as well
  • Good at BD(Base Defense) and LRC(Long Range Combat)
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  • Can load 4 rockets at once
  • Fireballs set other zombies on fire
  • Semi auto


  • Splash damage hurts you and sets you on fire
  • Long reload
  • Only in VIP shop
  • Costs 850 cash
  • The fireballs will set you on fire A LOT


  • The M202 FLASH is based on a designed that was created during the Vietnam War.
  • It was designed to replace flamethrowers.
  • Weighs over 25 pounds when loaded.
  • The Pack a Punch version is called the Shadowfire STORM.