The M500 is a weapon in Stranded on Earth: The First Strike, purchasable from the shotguns sections for 250 cash, or for an incredible deal for only 80 on sale. It can be Pack a Punched into the Electric Shock.


  • Magazine size: 5
  • Reserve ammo: 30 default, 60 green box, 90 red box
  • Damage: A TON (hard to calculate, so many projectiles)
    RobloxScreenShot06212014 215459729

    3rd person perspective of the M500

  • Reload speed: 2/5 second per shell with extra second when empty
  • Recoil: Very low
  • Accuracy: Quite accurate when ADS, large spread when hip firing
  • Sights: Clean
  • Rate of Fire: Quick (about 1/8 second 'rechamber' after every shot)
  • Special Effects: Sprays out a cloud of smoke every shot
  • Description: Mossberg 500 is a series of pump-action shotguns manufactures by O.F. Mossberg and Sons.
RobloxScreenShot06212014 215508293

The M500 in first person.


  • Very high damage
  • Low recoil
  • Efficient with ammunition
  • Good iron sights
  • HIGH damage
    Theeng 4 wiki
  • Large projectile spread
  • Can be accurate
  • Quick
  • PaP-able


  • Slow-ish reload time (sometimes)
  • Can only contain 5 shells
  • Small reserve ammo size
  • Large empty clip penalty (compared to reload time)
  • Smoke can obscure vision