The M79 is an explosive weapon that can be bought in the shop under "Others" for 800 cash.

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A player fires an M79 in first person


  • Magazine size: 1
  • Reserve ammo: 8 default, 16 green box, 24 red box
  • Explosion stats (only for explosives): Large blast radius, medium-high kill radius
  • Reload speed: about 2.5 seconds
  • Recoil: Very low
  • Accuracy: Very accurate, has bullet dip
  • Sights: Reticle ADS
  • Rate of fire: Slow

Pros and Cons


  • A direct hit with a zombie will kill it (applies to all zombie types (not PZ))
  • Delayed detonation
  • Low recoil
  • Decent blast radius and kill radius
  • Z63
    Trips zombies not in kill radius
  • Far melee reach and also knock zombies down


  • Average-slow reload speed
  • Low reserve ammo
  • Rounds can sometimes get stuck on you
  • In result of new animations update, the round can sometimes get flung away by zombies, usually when shot into hordes .
  • Delayed detonation
  • Bullet dip


My strategy is to grab a single net and an M79. You make a large zombie train -hopefully not killing yourself in the process,- bring your train to the net, and then walk over it. It will make a zombie pile when they follow you over it, then proceed to shoot your M79 rounds and make money! -Sniperquad97