The MK2 frag is a weapon obtained upon joining the server, AKA a default weapon. The P226 is also a default weapon.

The MK2 Frag in action

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  • The MK2 Frag is capable of killing multiple enemies with one thrown in the hole.
  • It's not able to damage anything behind a wall or covering most of its body parts from the grenade.
  • When throwing it, it may shift to a different position than desired. You may need to angle it differently than you would just have thrown it.
  • The MK2 Frag is able to kill the player if the player is near the explosion radius of the grenade.
  • The player is able to hold the grenade for 3 seconds; if you don't throw it before that, you will blow up with it and ultimately die.
  • The MK2 Frag comes with five gernades in reserve. You can extend and refill this to 10 gernades if you refill using the green ammo box, and when using the red large ammo box, you can refill and maximuze this to 15 gernades.

Pros & Cons

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3rd person perspective of the MK2 Frag


  • Able to hold it back and let the timer countdown, allowing it so you don't need to predict the movement of the desired target much.
  • Free weapons are nice.
  • Multiple kills in one throw.
  • Bouncy when thrown, you can make sure the gernade bounces off of objects when you're running. This is a good and bad thing, as said below.


  • Able to kill you if thrown badly.
  • Will kill you if you don't know when to throw it or where to throw it properly.
  • Bouncy when thrown, will move away from desired position some times.
  • Only one shot per clip (no duh, it's a grenade).
  • Only 5 grenades in the reserve.

(Written by LeisureLecturer, edited by a baka)