The Masada is an assault rifle which can be bought in the Assault Rifle part of the shop for 485 cash.


The Masada's current overall zombie killing power.

  • The Masada, when you get it, has a 30 magazine clip and 150 reserve ammo.
  • This weapon can three hit kill normal zombies.
  • It can also run dry in seconds, if not burst fired.
  • The weapon gets 150 ammo from the brown ammo box, and 450 ammo from the large red ammo box.
  • This weapon is accurate at short range and medium range
  • Reload speed on empty clip is around 3 seconds, but bordering around two. Reload nearly empty is two seconds. Not really much difference.
  • Automatic fire holds drastic recoil after a long period of time

Pros and cons


  • Strong attack power (one less than AUG A3)
  • Accurate at short and medium range
  • Can conserve ammo if used correctly
  • Can be used for large hordes
  • Recoil is nearly nonexistent except for firing automatically.
  • Not much difference in reload speed.


  • Runs out of ammo quickly when firing automatically.
  • There is no Pack a Punch version as of yet
  • Normal ammo reserve means requent red box visits, and for brown box, you might as well stay there.


The weapon is very powerful, fitting all styles...if you have the red box ammo. Otherwise, run towards a red box while gunning at the zombies. Will help indefinitely.

Player experience

"FIRE THE LAZ0R......which has not that much ammo. VERY POWERFUL GUN. Only if you use it right. I think i'll grab my minigun now."-YELLOWPIKACHU1(Baka yellow)


  • This weapon in COD:MW3 is known as the laser, for it's accuracy in both aimed and not aimed stances. And for it's recoil as well.
  • There is this guy on YouTube named "ragingamish", who does reviews of COD guns. Note his ACR MW3 video. This is the reference this page creator is talking about. Anybody know where the movie is from? The video shows a clip of a person saying "Fire the laser!". (It looks like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, and the person is saying "ARMING THE LASER!")
  • When hovering your mouse over the weapon, you get a basic wall of text saying "`The Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) is the production name for an updated version of the Masada adoptive weapon system. It is an assault rifle platform designed by Magpul Industries of Erie, Colorado in late January 2008. Also know as the Masada."
  • The word laser was mentioned five times at the previous published date. That should mean something, right? (Not anymore. Lol.)