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The Mystery Box when it's not broken.

The Mystery Box, or Random Box, is a special object in Stranded on Earth: The First Strike that costs 250 Cash to use, and gives a random weapon. Weapons such as Yellow's AA-12 and the Raygun can only be found in the box.

Furthermore, if you don't have access to the VIP Shop, you can get VIP weapons from the box.


The Mystery Box can be found in 5 locations:

Please know that only 1 of these 5 locations will be active at a time, while the remaining four will be broken. When a Teddy is drawn from the box, the box simply switches locations to a different one.


Items get entered in, depending on what column they are from.

Going from left to right, the rows are:

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H.

Items in row "A" get entered in six (6) times, "B" five (5) times, "C" four (4) times, "D" three (3) times, "E" two (2) times, "F", "G", and "H" only one (1) time.

The pool values all added up equal 188, when you account for all of the items.

According to this, column "A" has a chance of giving you an item of 60/188.

Due to the new weapon system for the pistols, the USP is a better weapon to have now. However, it is STILL the troll weapon of the random box. 

Item Pool

Mysterybox table-0.PNG

This is the table of items you can get from the Mystery Box:

You can view all items available from the box on the notice at the top of the page.



  • The Mystery Box has been known to lag so badly that it stops responding. You can click the button with sufficient cash and absolutely nothing will happen. This may result with the GUI being stuck on your screen until you reset.
  • The Mystery Box displays the wrong gun name when it selects a gun 70% of the time.


  • There are currently 2 special weapons that are also included in the box. These two weapons are the Yellow-12/Yellow's AA-12, and the GES-BioRifle, the custom weapons of YELLOWPIKACHU1 and Gondwana, respectively.
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