General Information

The PTRS-41 is an Anti-Tank Sniper Rifle in Stranded on Earth: The First Strike.

Note: Spamming the PTRS-41 can cause lag. If you are told not to spam the PTRS-41, stop spamming it. If you shoot players with the PTRS-41, you will be severely punished, as it can cause massive lag to the person you hit.

Pros and Cons


  • High damage
  • Semi-automatic
  • Perfect for horde obliteration
  • Can one hit kill almost all enemies (except PZ)
  • Any surviving targets will trip or die shortly
  • Explosive ammunition
  • Decent accuracy (Aiming)


  • Can kill yourself if close enough to the explosion
  • Explosions cause lag
  • Frequent reloads and refills
  • Average magazine size
  • Very slow reload time
  • Very high recoil
  • Low reserve ammo
  • Low accuracy (Hip)


  • Anti-Tank Rifles are specifically designed to obliterate tanks.
  • The real PTRS-41 doesn't have explosive ammunition.