The Pack A Punch Machine

The Pack-a-Punch (PaP) is a special machine that will upgrade a weapon of choice into a powerful zombie-obliterating machine.


If you have suggestions of what gun you would like to see Pack A Punched if it isn't on the list yet, post suggestions here.


The Pack A Punch machines are only found in two specific locations of the map:

Location #1: Mansion - In the room beside the massive whole in the wall on the second floor

Location #2: Vector Cave - In the far back room of the cave, in the corner

How To Use

  1. Find a Pack-a-Punch machine and walk up to it. A small GUI will appear.
  2. If there is a gun in your inventory that can be Pack-A-Punched, it will appear on the list.
  3. Click a gun's name on that same list and click the Upgrade button to buy the upgrade.

NOTE: If you are holding the weapon while upgrading it, nothing will happen.

The New Pack-A-Punch GUI

Pack A Punch Weapons - Original Counterpart

Remade Pack-A-Punch Weapons

The following is a list of guns that were remade, and thus have proper stats, with no latency:

Pages to Expand

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  • There are currently 26 Pack A Punched guns.
  • There are no Pack A Punched 'Rifles' released at this time.
  • Maybe people confuse the Eclipse Ordeal to be a Pack A Punch weapon, while it is simply a heavily modified MP7.
  • The Pack a Punch was most likely taken off of Call of Duty's zombie mode.
  • The cost of the upgrade is determined by the gun you want to upgrade. For example, the formula would be as follows: 1500*(2^(WeaponCost/1000)) * 0.37
    • If you wanted to Pack A Punch the MP7, the formula would be 1500*(2^(175/1000)) * 0.37.
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