General Information

Perks are vending machines across the map. These machines provide special bonuses for one life. Once you die or reset, any perks you have purchased will disappear and you will have to purchase them once more to regain the bonuses.

Protein Bar Vender


(Located in the Military Camp$180, 900$ for Maximum Bonus)

Protein Bars regenerate your health at a much faster rate.

Everybody knows that protein is good for the muscles, but did you know it was good for your... nervous system?

That's right, these bars are magical.

You can only have five of these at a time, and they go very well with the eggnog, as the bonus maximum health points combined with a faster regeneration rate results in a much larger chance of survival.

Bloxiade Machine


(Located in the School | $60, 180$ for Maximum Bonus)

Bloxiades give you an extra speed boost.

Gotta go Super Sanic! Who knew these drinks could give you so much energy and stamina? 

You can only have 3 Bloxiades, which gets you to the maximum of 28 walk speed.



(Located in the Tunnel Cave | $120, 360$ for Maximum Bonus)

Eggnog gives you 50+ maximum health.

Feliz Navidad! This magical eggnog comes with a special song and a nice little show!

You can only have 3 eggnogs during a life, which gives you a maximum health of 250.


  • Perks can be considered references to perks in Call of Duty: Zombies Mode, due to the effects and names of the perks.
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