edited 1/21/2015

The RPK-74m can be bought in the shop in the category "Machine Guns" for 465 cash.


What the RPK-74m brings to the table

  • Does a 3 shot kill to normal zombies
  • Fire rate is normal for a MG
  • Clip magazine is 45, and normal reserve ammo is 270. Grabbing ammo from a red ammo box increases it to 810, and grabbing ammo from a green ammo box decreases it to 540.
  • Melee has a attack using it's butt-stock (meaning that it comes slower) but has a longer melee reach.
  • Reload speed when not full is two seconds, and when it is empty, it takes about three seconds to reload.
  • Irons are clean, if not a tad bit small. But it's clean.
  • Not suited for close ranged combat

Pros and cons


  • Can shoot fast, wasting hordes
  • Can hold a decent amount of ammo in the clip magazine
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    Melee has a longer reach than other guns
  • Recoil starts going up hgh near the end of the clip.
  • Irons are clean


  • Very weak
  • Melee takes a while
  • Too close, and the bullets dont hit the zombies.


This gun is a good weapon to have, but an upgrade is suggested. It can get you by, due to the LARGE ammo reserve, but you should upgrade sooner or later.


The creator of this page didn't have as much pain as creating the USP page as this, thankfully, as this gun is not that bad.

The gun is used in BOs as a machine gun. in the zombie version, it had WAY more ammo then a mesely 45 clip.

Not the best machine gun to get, there are more better weapons then this one. However, it IS not bad, and can be used..