The Scatterflame is a light source weapon, Pack-a-Punched from the Flaregun .

When the user is holding it, it emits a red glow and has red and black camo.


So some genius though it'd be cool to have not 1, but 5 flares in ONE shell.

Pros and Cons


  • 5 flares in one shot
  • Fire damage burns over long periods of time
  • Trips zombies with flares on impact
  • Trips zombies with AoE DoT flames
  • Mini-explosion kills zombies
  • Flares burn whatever they touch


  • Only one shot each magazine
  • No direct damage dealt from flares
  • Flames can kill you
  • Not always accurate, due to flares bouncing around and gravity over long distances.
  • Spam this, and you die from lag. Not shoot it, and you die from zambie and no cash. SO DONT SPAM IT. Why it get lag'd from scatterflame? BECAUSE ROBLOX DUN GOOF'D AGAIN.



  • This gun used to be known as the Scatterflare, which was one of robonack's custom guns.