The Stoner 63A is a machine gun in SOE:TFS. It can be purchased in the shop for 405 cash.

RobloxScreenShot07032014 100741574

The Stoner 63A in third person

RobloxScreenShot07032014 100802252

1st person perspective of the Stoner 63A


Damage: Four hit kill normal zombies
Magazine size: 30
Reserve ammo: 180 default, 460 green box, 540 red box
Accuracy: High
Iron sights: Small, and a bit ugly
Reload speed: 2 seconds
Recoil: High after sustained fire

Pros And Cons


  • Good damage
  • Reloads quickly
  • Good reserve ammo capacity
  • Accurate


  • Small magazine (vs other Machine guns)
  • Small and ugly iron sights
  • High recoil


Not a bad gun. Can deal with small hordes at a time, but the reloading kinda sucks, as you have to reload frequently. But still, the firepower it brings isn't that bad, and once you get ammo from the red ammo box, you'll be shooting for a while.


  • This weapon's name is sometimes referenced as "stoned" for some reason.