Stranded on Earth: The First Strike is the game this wiki is solely dedicated to. The game is created by speedydude900, and is constantly updated by him. commands5, SHAYNEISPIMP, demier3 and a few others had helped him create the buildings. The map is populated by many buildings, both rundown and seemingly brand new.


  • "WASD" buttons to move
  • Q to aim down sights for gun
  • Left Mouse Button to fire
  • R to reload
  • E to melee
  • G to toggle flashlight (note only some weapons have flashlights)
  • F to use grenade launcher (very few weapons have a launcher attachment)
  • C to crouch (currently broken, don't try it, your legs will literally give out on you)


Spawning Loadout

This loadout is the default loadout.

Enhanced Spawning Loadout

This loadout is a gamepass that can be bought with 80 ROBUX, or 1,300 Tickets.

  • One AR-15 assault rifle, 30/150 rounds default.
  • One Medkit.
  • Neurotoxin Grenade, 1/5 grenades default. This cannot be bought from the shop.
  • You also get everything from the normal loadout.


The player is spawned into an apocalyptic version of Earth populated with many zombies. Their mission is to kill zombies for Cash, which they may use to:

  • Buy new weapons
  • Buy buildables and construct a base

It should be noted that while Cash does auto-save, weapons DO NOT SAVE. The game may be intensive on computers, so it is recommended to turn down your graphics, or intermittently leave games to save the Cash.