Want some more rules?

Boom .

What's this all about?

Robonack has two rules for the game; and if you don't follow them, you go onto the List.

RULE 1. Don't be disrespectful.

Definition of disrespectful is: Being rude, not helping other players, ruining the fun of other players (Trolling), having no courtesy, spamming weapons and not stopping when asked.

Definition of rude is: Making fun of players, calling names.

Calling names at people won't solve your problems. Being mature and sharing opinions respectfully will. You're all playing the same game for probably the same reason: You want to shoot zombies. Put your differences aside.

RULE 2. Have fun.

Definition of fun is: Playing the game like it was intended, not trolling (See RULE 1.)

If even one person is not having an enjoyable experience with the game, then someone is doing it wrong. Glitches are not an intended part of the game, please don't do them.

Remember: Players are other human beings, and they have feelings.

For the Admins

Nobody is exempt from these rules. Don't be corrupt police officers.

Try your best to not counter a disrespectful person by ALSO being disrespectful, as that shines a bad light at everybody else.

If someone also claims that you are a hacker (for doing admin related shenanigans), don't fling them on to the List immediately.

This concludes the Public Service Announcement.

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